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Cutie Baby Diapers

Egyptian Cotton T-Shirts - Light Blue

Egyptian Cotton T-Shirts - Light Blue

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Make your baby stylish with our high-quality baby t-shirts. These come in different logos and colors that you can choose from. Whether you are taking your baby to the mall or beach, our shirt will make him or her look hip. You also do not have to worry about your baby's comfort because our shirts are made from Egyptian Comb Cotton, which is hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable. Our shirts are available in different sizes.



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Care Instructions

Wash with plenty of warm soapy water

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8 colors diapers
Boy colors
#1)Lite blue
#2)Dark blue
#4)White with boys colors
Girl colors
#5)Lite pink
#8)White with girl colors
2 types of diapers
#1) SNAPS diapers one (one size fits all)
#2) VELCRO 3 size diapers
(Size 1) (n.b. =) new born - 10 lbs( pounds)
(Size 2) 10 lbs - 20lbs
(Size 3) 20 lbs - 30 lbs
T-SHIRT 5 sizes
Size 1) N.b. - 6 months
Size2) 6 months - 12 months
Size 3) 12 months - 18 months
Size 4) 18 months - 24 months
Size 5) 24 months - 30 months